N-1030 Intel 2-Port 100G QSFP28 OCP 3.0 Network Adapter


OCP 3.0 Form Factor
OCP3.0 SFF With Dual Port 100G QSFP28
Intel E810-CAM2 Controller

  • Ordering Code: N-1030
  • Part No: NE-D32-1220-00-00012
  • Solution: Intel E810-CAM2

The card is an OCP3.0 SFF dual port 100G Ethernet network adapter, powered by the Intel E810-CAM2 chip. 

With hardware-accelerated  packet processing extensions and application queuing technology, this  card enables NVMe support for Fabric TCP, along with optional support  for RDMA's iWARP and RoCEv2 capabilities. 

The application queuing technology function of the optical fiber network card ensures that each application can request its own queue, that is, the data between applications is no longer confused. 

With up to 100Gbps interface speed, making it ideal for data centers, cloud computing and high-throughput storage application. 

By utilizing program queues, this card reduces  application delay and improve throughput. 


OCP 3.0 Form Factor

OCP3.0 SFF With Dual Port 100G QSFP28

Intel E810-CAM2 Controller

PCIe Gen4 x16 host interface

Compliant with OCP NIC 3.0 specification

Supports 4C+ connector

Supports OCP 3.0 scan chain, FRU NVM and NC-SI

OCP 3.0 SFF form factor with Pull Tab (Internal Lock option by demand)

Supports 100GAUI-2/4 optics, and 100GBASE-CR2/CR4 DAC modules

Intel Ethernet Flow Director – Application Device Queues (ADQ)

Data Plan Development Kit

Low Latency RDMA over Converged Ethernet (iWARP and RoCE  v2)

Jumbo Packet (9K Max)

Dynamic Device Personalization (DDP)

Supports UEFI preboot


Windows Server 2016/2019/2022

Windows 10/11

Linux kernel 4.x or later

Package Contents

1 x 2-Port 100G QSFP28 Network Adapter for OCP 3.0 

1 x User Manual

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