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Signal Switch

G-190 Ethernet 2x1 Signal Switch
Ordering Code: G-190
Part No: YN-000-6110-11-00012

G-190 lets you switch between 2 computers to connect to a network.

No power is needed.

Easy to use push-buttons.

Bidirectional. Lets you switch between 2 networks to connect to a computer.


Switch a common UTP/STP cable between two UTP/STP segments

Supports Ethernet as well as other non-networking applications

Supports Ethernet speed up to 1Gbps

Supports CAT-5/5e UTP and STP cables

No power required


Package Contents:

1 x Ethernet 2x1 Signal Switch

1 x User Manual


Packing Information:

* Retail Blister

* 80pcs. Per carton

* Measurment: 40x26.5x42.5 cm

* G.Weight: 11.87 kg

* N.Weigt: 11.17 kg


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